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Make Clean More Easier.

The microfiber pad is reusable so you no longer have to buy disposable pads. Plus Reveal picks up 50% more dirt and dust per swipe than traditional mops. The Refillable Spray bottle allows you to stop buying expensive solutions and create your own using your favorite household cleaner or use plain hot water. Its time for no dirty hands, we have personalized handle design, you can do cleaning with one hand, and use your phone from the other.   



  • Floor Cleaning Mop
  • No need electric,easy to use.
  • Save more and waste less with the Spray Mop.

The spray mop help you clean the ends of the house easily

The responsive spray allows you to spray as much or as little liquid as you desire.

Save unnecessary time and moping up water.

Add in our 360┬░swiveland get around heavy furniture without of moving it all around.

Controllable handgrip, which turns water to water mist evenly, simply

Increase cleaning efficiency and minimize efforts

2-In-1 spray that cleans dry dust and wet spills in every single swipe

Adjustable mop handle for effortless cleaning without bending

Care for your floor,fast,easy ,safe,healthy

Good Quality and Durable.

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