Magic Hose Pipe 100 Feet (Free Delivery in All Pakistan)

Brand: Deemiz

Product Code: HL-GN-0002

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Price: Rs:1,499

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Now Gardening & Car Cleaning Easy Gardening and cleaning car has become easy through Magic Hose Pipe 100 ft. It is a multipurpose and efficient hose pipe that allows you to perform multiple functions. Its length is 100 feet that provides you with flexibility and lets you wash your car or water your garden quickly and efficiently. Its a high quality and durable water hose that offers high pressure water and is ideal for outdoor use.


  • Color green
  • Multipurpose hose pipe
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality

Magic Hose Pipe 100ft Water Spray Gun In Pakistan
Package Included:
1 x flexible expandable hose pipe
1 x nozzle
1 x 7-in-1 multifunctional spray gun
1 x product specification
1 x colorful box

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